Ultimate Boats NZ


When a group of New Zealand’s leading marine experts team up to design and create an innovative new craft that is completely revolutionises the boating industry, you get a product worth waiting for with no compromises. 

Design & Construction

Ultimate Boats ‘no compromise’ approach has been used from initial design phase with New Zealands top designers through to development and construction.

Ultimate Boats has had a "No Compromise" approach to the design and build quality of this craft. It insures that you are getting the best craftsmanship, and a build quality that compliments the look and style of a boat at the top of it's game.  


Ultimate boats are built with incredible strength in mind with a 6mm hull bottom thickness as standard compared to the industry standard of 4-5mm.

  • Boat that is quieter, warmer and softer riding with a greater level of appeal and comfort
  • Extremely safe and stable craft with ‘hull in hull’ technology
  • Has a better weight distribution to improve handling

Ultimate Boats are a revolutionary new and innovative new craft. The model range will appeal to everyone from the lake fisherman, a family waterski day out to hardcore sea fishing and diving. 

Hull in Hull Technology

Hull in Hull Technology is a revolutionary development that allows a Fibreglass interior to work in conjunction with a rugged and durable Aluminium exterior. It gives you the best of both worlds, and gets rid of all the commonly quoted negatives of an all alloy boat. 

What is it?

Hull in Hull Technology


Hull in Hull Technology is a fibreglass moulded interior section that is CAD designed and fits between the Alloy Hull and Alloy Cabin structure. The moulded interior is held in mechanically and with a lab tested bonding process to form the floor, sides and seating area of the boat. The sides are lightweight fibreglass that is incredibly strong , and the floor seats and storage areas are triple thickness, to make sure the centre of gravity is as low as possible. 


How is it better?

Hull in Hull Technology


Do you have a standard Alloy boat and are sick of it being too cold or too hot? Are you sick of the slapping noise of water on the hull which is amplified by sealed aluminium areas acting as drums? With Hull in Hull Technology you eliminate this noise and stabilize your boats temperature. The Fibreglass is far more stable when talking about temperature change, and soaks up any noise and vibration caused by Aluminium.


Should I have it?

Hull in Hull Technology


The question is can you do without it? The boating experience is better for you, your family and friends. The boat appeals to the whole family. It's performance is better and provides additional safety with having two hulls should anything unexpected ever happen. It will handle better and provide you added confidence when having to go through challenging seas.